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Learned to emulate Essential PR Marketing’s behaviours and professionalism, practising good PR, successfully navigating the commercial sector.” MD, Pick Me Locksmith

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A Dental HR Company

Client became a figure of authority


To increase turnover to a specified level over a 10-year period. The company offers specialist HR services for the dental market.

Our response

We liaised with the company’s web designer; wrote content; collected testimonials (including a young-dentist-of-the-year client); collated logos, photographs and images; wrote a launch news release; helped to build the brand; and provided regular editorial with the brand logo, strapline and image.


Over two years, the MD became an authority in his field, receiving regular editorial requests. We were invited to write part of the feature cover story for the British Dental Journal. The company has become a leading adviser to dental practitioners, practices and laboratories for tailored, specialist HR.

Case Study Copywriter for a Derby Dental Practice 2
Safety Forward Brochure Cover PR Consultancy Project
Group 316

Health and Safety Company

A thought leader with a £2m plus audience


To take the company to the next level, they were looking to use PR to increase market visibility and celebrate successes. This was a client recommendation.

Our response

Initially, we wrote an Institute of Directors (IOD) award application. The client went straight through to the final. We wrote targeted, specific letters for the construction industry. We wrote and produced a case study on the company’s work within a high-profile construction group of companies to showcase it’s unique approach. Prepared a media launch of Mental Health Awareness training and support. We reviewed aspects of the website content to avoid repetition, and to demonstrate the range of expertise and ethos.


The company now has the kudos of an MD who is an IOD finalist, and it has the material to promote its specialist services. It has generated editorial opportunities and  hopes to help raise mental health awareness. Quality, professional testimonials and case studies reflect and support this message. The company is recruiting.

The MD now has IOD-finalist kudos, marketing materials in place to take advantage of new markets, more professional web content, case studies, testimonials, and editorial coverage, elevating her visibility within her target audience.

Loughborough University, Business School

Substantially increased the programme uptake, helping to maintain a market-leading and top-ranking position.


To increase the uptake of the MBA Programme, and Postgraduate Programmes in Management, Healthcare Risk Management and Healthcare Governance.

Our response

This being a world-leading programme, ranked fifth in the UK, with total flexibility and a great reputation was a great start. We followed up on interest, we contacted and liaised with individuals, organisations and NHS Trusts, and reviewed and analysed internal marketing.


An increased uptake of programmes within the aforementioned departments, and increased awareness.

Loughborou University Brochure with Copywriting by Essential PR Marketing
Mask Group 274

Chauffeur Business

Within two months of start-up the business achieved significant growth. It is now a top provider with a growing network. We understood the offer proposition, the high-end recognition, contacts and identified correct pricing, helping it develop it into a successful business.



To set the company up. The client is ex-police, and previously responsible for the safe and smooth transportation of the royal family and international dignitaries.

Our response

We provided a competitive analysis which showed its prices were too low. We positioned pricing in line with the company’s level of professionalism, experience and Mercedes vehicles. We introduced the MD to some respected chauffeur companies who jumped at the chance of a working relationship. It has now built up a great client base.


The business is recruiting chauffeurs of a similar calibre to meet the growing needs of its private and corporate client base, and network.

Opened my eyes and identified real opportunities, exceeded expectations to promote my business; advised and assisted. Professionalism and inspiration can’t not work.

Arron Gaskell, MD
Gaskell Safety

Although relatively small, Kathryn has vast business experience, understands my journey and business. Yet is objectively focused with a marketing eye, a true PR professional.

Marisa Firkins, MD
Safety Forward Ltd.

Really gets to the core of what is special and different about customers, to differentiate them translating this into copy. Case studies are really good – critical to an effective website.

Philip Levy
Open Formula

Communicated and validated our brand and service in a beautiful way, for our new website. Testimonials Kathryn worked with our clients on are utterly brilliant “priceless”. Content is crucial. Just right, 100% recommend.

Emma Goss, Dir.
Packington Building Services
Formerly Sales Dir., Heart FM