PR & Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Seem to sense what to ask, not always easy, meeting high expectations.” P. LEVY, OPEN FORMULA

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PR and marketing, what’s the difference?

Public relations (PR) is positively managing the communication channels between a company and its stakeholders (anyone with an interest or concern in the business; e.g. potential clients, clients, suppliers, media, etc.), focusing on maintaining a positive reputation for a brand or company.

Overall, marketing activities aim to achieve direct revenue.

Put very simply, a combination – delivered with consistency – is ideal!

In our clients’ words

Opened my eyes and identified real opportunities, exceeded expectations to promote my business; advised and assisted. Professionalism and inspiration can’t not work.

Arron Gaskell, MD
Gaskell Safety

Although relatively small, Kathryn has vast business experience, understands my journey and business. Yet is objectively focused with a marketing eye, a true PR professional.

Marisa Firkins, MD
Safety Forward Ltd.

Really gets to the core of what is special and different about customers, to differentiate them translating this into copy. Case studies are really good – critical to an effective website.

Philip Levy
Open Formula

Communicated and validated our brand and service in a beautiful way, for our new website. Testimonials Kathryn worked with our clients on are utterly brilliant “priceless”. Content is crucial. Just right, 100% recommend.

Emma Goss, Dir.
Packington Building Services
Formerly Sales Dir., Heart FM

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